This is a helpful reminder that each student account has an outstanding balance due on Friday, August 26th. If you have not paid tuition and fees yet, do that soon!

twitter_3For more detailed information, visit the Student Center Dashboard in MyNEVADA, where you can:

  • Find your account balance in thr “Finances” section of the page
  • Check your financial aid status by clikcing the “Financial Aid” tab
  • Make payment check or credit card payment for any balances not covered by financial aid
  • Enroll in a payment plan by choosing ” Enroll in Payment Plan” from the “other financial…” drop down menu in the “Finances” section

If your tuition and fees are nor paid in full by the due date, your courses are subject to cancellation and you will be charged late fees

If you have questions regarding MyNEVADA, there is a  MyNevadaHelp page available to assist you.